Book Coaching

Are you ready to write or finish your book?

Sprouting the Seed

Turn your vision into a book manuscript.

Development Editing

Grow your first draft into a polished manuscript.

Revelations of the Heart

Cultivate a daily practice of creative writing.

As a published author of seven books, Ya’el has walked in your shoes and offers years of writing experience to provide custom and structured one-on-one coaching programs in book manuscript visioning, writing, and development editing. Coaching sessions are 50-60 minutes long, and are available in person (in Santa Fe) or via phone or video conference. If you’d like to learn more about working with Ya’el on your book, get in touch to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

Sprouting the Seed

A structured coaching program to turn your vision into a book manuscript that includes homework designed to move you forward in your writing to achieve your goals.

Write, re-write, and write more! Improve your craft of writing by learning practical tools, how to develop a relationship with your muse, and overcoming writer’s block in order to access, cultivate, and express your unique voice. Beginning with the seed of your idea, we will identify your core vision and clarify your intentions, motivations, audience, and goals for turning your story idea into a book manuscript. Ya’el serves as your cheerleader, project manager, and writing chaperone! With her guidance, you will:

(1) Organize your thoughts, goals, and notes about your book project.

(2) Make sense of your many choices and translate them into an organized set of priorities.

(3) Develop a strategic, workable action plan.

(4) Implement your plan by setting and meeting goals with compassionate accountability. Life happens, and your plan will be responsive to your shifting needs. Ya’el will help you find creative ways to stay focused in order to accomplish your goals.

This five-session coaching program can be completed at whatever pace fits your unique goals.

Pay as you go:
$125 per session

Purchase the Program:
$550 (you save $75!)

Development Editing

A customized coaching program for developing your first draft into a polished manuscript.

Beginning with a written first draft, craft your manuscript into an accessible, organized, and relevant book that reaches your target audience. We will focus on structure and content while maintaining a consistent tone that speaks to your ideal reader. Though no two coaching clients are the same, this process typically follows these steps:

(1) Have an initial discovery meeting with Ya’el to discuss your goals for the book, the target audience, tone, writing style, and structure.

(2) Ya’el will broadly read your book and provide a general strategic analysis of next steps including assessment of how the book achieves client goals; is consistent in tone, theme, and structure; targets the primary audience; and moves the reader along to a compelling end.

(3) After another meeting to discuss the analysis, work begins on the book. Some clients take Ya’el’s notes, make suggested changes as they choose, and provide a next draft. Other clients request that Ya’el sit side-by-side and directly assist with writing the book.

(4) The process of collaborating, reading, assessing, editing, and re-writing continues until the client is satisfied with the final draft. Though Ya’el asks guiding questions and makes suggestions, the book will be written in the client’s unique style. You will feel proud to put your name on that finished manuscript!

A coaching program that's custom-tailored to suit your lifestyle and meet your unique goals.

Pay as you go:

$125 per session

Four-Session Package:

$400 (you save $100!)

“The most important benefit of our working together is that you listened and gave me back myself. You heard what I was trying to say beneath all my agonizing and gnashing of teeth and repeated attempts to escape. You got me to reflect on my own motivations and impulses, not to mention my own life. You heard my writing aspiration long before it had any discernible shape or direction.”

John B., CEO Consultant, and Former College President

"Ya'el worked with me to craft my memoir into a streamlined piece of art. It was an enjoyable collaborative effort, putting our heads together and working as if with one mind, respectfully and meticulously. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

– Catherine H., Author

“I want to give special thanks to Ya’el who was so helpful in editing my original rambling draft. After working with her, I got my writing to where it was concise, non-repetitive, and focused on my message.”

– Al G., Maggid and Founder of Beit Yichud

"I came to Ya’el with hundreds of poems that I had written over decades. After three days, I left with a printed collection of one of the most intimate expressions of who I am. Thank you! It is about time for us to meet again. I have many new works in need of your gentle dose of poetry Rx!"

– Jill S., Attorney and Sign Language Interpreter