Narrative Career Counseling

For Career Decision-Making, Life Design, and Career Transitions.

Individual Career Counseling

Be the author of your unique career story. 

Group Career Counseling

Collectively develop a new vocational identity.

Narrative career counseling empowers clients to understand how dominant cultural and familial narratives affect their career decisions, goals, and choices. Standard vocational assessments alone cannot clarify career development goals. Effective career preparation must consider the power of societal norms on the decision-making processes that determine career choices and goals.

Ya’el is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing an integrated career counseling experience comprised of Family Systems, Narrative Adlerian, and Solution-Focused Therapies (read more about Ya’el’s Therapeutic Approach). She holds two specialities in Career Counseling: Certified Career Services Practitioner (CCSP) from the National Career Development Association, and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) from the Center for Credentialing and Education. She is also trained in the Narrative Career Construction Interview.

In Ya’el’s Narrative Career Counseling sessions, she and her clients are active collaborators in discovering the synergy between life roles and belief systems from the past and then creating action steps to live a preferred future. By proactively and intentionally constructing goals, clients create a fit between familial and cultural worldviews and their preferred career choices. Clients learn what is correct for them and how to live within those communities for optimal health and personal meaning.

Applying Narrative Career Counseling to vocational decision-making encourages clients to reauthor a career story that showcases their gifts, abilities, and strengths to the world. As a result, everyone gets to tell a story with a happy ending. Because when people re-author their stories, they are reconstructing the very fabric of sociocultural norms, shaping future stories for everyone in the process.

Individual Career Counseling

A structured career counseling and assessment program for exploring the origins of your vocational story and intentionally crafting your career future.

Integrating Family Systems and Narrative Adlerian therapies with narrative career assessment tools, clients have the opportunity to deeply explore how familial and cultural stories impacted their vocational history and choices in the past and how cues from this past can provide important insights to shape their future vocational path. In the fourth session, Ya’el offers a summary analysis report of these assessments. Ya’el and clients collaborate on an action plan to accomplish next steps of client career goals.

Four-session career counseling and assessment program.

Pay as you go:
$150 per session

Purchase the Program:
$500 (you save $100!)

ReWriting Your Life Story

A narrative career counseling group program for collectively constructing new career stories.

In this group, 6-12 clients will meet once each week for 1.5 hours to explore the meaning of their unique “origin” stories and how these narratives have influenced their career goals and choices. The group then provides the context for participants to creatively deconstruct these narratives and explore new career possibilities where alternative, preferred narratives about self and identity can emerge. Simulating social communities, the group encourages participants to re-author a life story emphasizing meaningful career narratives that showcase their gifts, abilities, and strengths while finding support and resources from within their cultural and familial connections.

A major goal for the group is for participants to harness the power of social construction by intentionally constructing goals that create a fit between participants and their preferred career choices. This is a way for participants to choose a career that fits their values instead of shaping their values to fit into a career. A sub-goal for the group is to develop participant skills in communication and empathic listening.

A six-week career counseling group program.

Suitable for groups of 6 to 12 people. Available for individual registration or group purchase.

$400 cost per participant. 

“All hesitations dissolve as Ya'el playfully and skillfully shepherds her clients into first her unique world of storytelling, and then just as masterfully, into their own."

– Dante J., Author

“Ya’el was sensitive to the dynamics of everyone in the group. She asked questions to be sure she understood. We all felt her interest and respect, and this helped us clarify our own thoughts and feelings. It was a joint process, relevant, and extremely effective.”

Lesley D., Bookkeeper and Tutor

“Your personal energy and ability to take me deep into the experience were what allowed me to feel comfortable and connected during our sessions. Thank you!”

Teresa T., Glass Artist