Revelations of the Heart

What old stories, beliefs, or habits can you change over 7 weeks?

Both a writing guide and a collection of poetry, Revelations of the Heart takes you on a 49-day journey of self-reflection and self-expression through creative writing. The inspiration for this book is an ancient Jewish custom called “Counting the Omer,” where each spring you intentionally immerse in the spiritual qualities of lovingkindness, strength, harmony, endurance, awe, foundation, and dignity for 49 days. The 50th day is known as a time of Revelation. This book is mystical, practical, spiritual, and fun! Experience this sacred technology and let the creative process unfold you. Come be a witness to your life and hear the revelations of your heart!

Turn Your Revelations of the Heart into a Book Manuscript

Work with Ya’el to learn the craft of writing through a diversity of forms, develop a positive relationship with your muse and inner critic, and explore possibilities for compiling your Revelations writings into a manuscript.

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